Thursday, November 10, 2011

Come Walk With Me

Fall beauty is such a fleeting thing.  When you see the leaves change color, you only have a short while to enjoy before the rains, freezing air and blowing winds do their damage.

I've heard the beauty of the fall leaves can be seen at Giant City State Park in scenic southern Illinois, which is not far from my neck of the woods..  Let's drive there and check it out!

We arrive at the park in late afternoon.  The first thing my hubby and I always do when we visit this park is climb up to the water tower to see what we can see.  Come climb with me.

The leaves on the trees have such a lacy texture from up here:


Here the view looks softer:

Here is my beloved blue van down below:

Giant City is a great park with many peaceful and colorful views.  Let's climb down from the water tower and explore.  Come walk with me.

There are many paths to wander:

There is history in the park:

Statue dedicated to Civilian Conservation Corps workers who helped build Giant City Park in the late 1930's to early 1940's.

Some of the names of the workers.

Being at the park can also teach you science.

For instance:

This strange apparatus called a gyrator can tell you the season and directions:

"Gyrator" is a sculpture that takes the form of a synthesis between giant top and a gyroscope. Alignments built into the concrete pad record the gyrations of the heavens as created by the circadian and annual motion of the earth. The sun marks noon each day as a disk of light falls between two parallel lines cut into the concrete. The same disk of light rings bronze plaques embedded in the concrete at the start of each season. (

See how much fun it is to go to the park?  Boys will be boys ...

All good things must come to an end.  Look over your shoulder as we drive out of the park and you'll see some awesome color!



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Patrice said...

Nice fall photos!

Funsucker Extraordinaire said...

Did I see a covered bridge in there? So jealous! Out here in California, fall only means high finds and fire hazard. Your park is beautiful!

Arnebya said...

These pictures successfully get me to like fall (I love the colors of the changing seasons, but not the pending cold).

Anonymous said...

Love the Fall Colors..thanks for taking us to the park with you:)