Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #162

Hello, friends.  I'm late posting about my week, Fridays can sometimes be crazy for a church secretary. Nevertheless, I wanted to be sure and post since I missed last Friday.  God has been good to me these last couple weeks and I want to be sure people know it!

1.  Right after my last FFF post, a sweet friend came bringing me a bouquet of her roses.  They were gorgeous!  She said they came from her "knock-out" rose bush.  This bush has blooms all season long.  Now I know what bush I want to add to our landscaping plans for next year!

2.  It was nice to have that note of cheeriness, because the next day, I did a dumb thing.  I had locked up the church and was getting into the van when I noticed something had fallen to the floor on the other side.  Thinking I was unlocking all the doors so I could go around to the other side, instead I locked all the doors.  I discovered this as soon as I shut the door with my keys laying on the seat!  Here I was, no keys, phone or money, and the church was locked up as well. What to do?  The neighbor, who normally sits out on his carport all day long, was gone! Long story short, I ended up walking to a gas station and after SIX collect calls connected up with my daughter who came and picked me up.

How is this a highlight, you ask?  I only had to experience 2 hours of being without any phone, money, or coat!  What about those who live that way everyday?   I'm so blessed and I am very very thankful.

3.  Fall decorations:  I had to show off my hutch decorated for fall:

Do you see my adorable cow creamer?  I love that thing!

Mostly here you can see my fall linens.  It doesn't show up well, but the centerpiece is a wire pumpkin with 6 votive cups in it.  It looks really cool lit up.

4.  Another little test happened last week.  I was coming home from a board meeting and hit a deer with my beloved blue van.  I was not hurt and it was surely a blessing because the road where it happened is a dangerous curvy road where fields are about 5-10 feet below the road. A road that has no guardrails. It would be easy to veer off the road and flip out into the field.  God kept His hand on me and I was safe.

I asked all my friends to pray that the insurance company would not total my van.  A prayer to which God said no. However, it all worked out.  The insurance company settled with us for more than we thought.  Our body man said he could fix the van for less than the insurance settlement. So we bought back our van from the insurance company and it is being restored.  Soon, I will be "back on the road again."

5.  The last thing is something I've been waiting for awhile.  The very last thing scheduled in rebuilding our house.  The shutters were installed!

Color, beautiful color!

And so, our remodeling job is done ... for now.  In the spring, we would like to do some landscaping.  Perhaps in the future, an addition of a dining room and garage?  We shall see ...

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Karyn said...

Wow. Sounds like a very eventful week! Glad you were not hurt in the accident and that you can get your van fixed.....locking your keys inside the vehicle is always a pain. But, it's good you can look at the experience as an emphasis on the blessings we have but take for granted.

LOVE the burgandy shutters!

Faith said...

so glad the Lord had His Hand on you in your deer accident...YIKES! what a week!! very pretty decorations!

ellen b. said...

You really had an eventful week. I'm glad you can get your van repaired and that you were safe. Fun autumn accents in your home. Love the shutters!

Melanie said...

I love your decor! And roses are my fave! It's warming to see that you found blessings in the midst of a difficult week.

Willow said...

What a busy week~ I love that you find the best in difficult situations. Fortunately, you were not hurt when you hit the deer--thankful for God's protection.

Lisa notes... said...

What beautiful roses and what a sweet friend. I have a knock-out rose bush and it has done great with hardly any care (my kind of roses!).

I love your attitude on # 2. "only 2 hours of being without"

My Jenna would LOVE your cow creamer. She is really a collector lately of all things cow.

Your shutters are beautiful. Congratulations on finishing your remodeling job!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a more exciting week than you may have wished for! But I'm go glad God watched over you and brought blessings that you could see and appreciate. Hurray for color inside and outside your home!

Susanne said...

So glad you weren't hurt in the deer incident. And that your van is being fixed.

Love your attitude when your keys were locked in the car.