Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #135

Hello, all you wonderful people!  It's Friday again and time to participate in my favorite meme, "Friday's Fave Five."  The object of the meme is to find five favorites, or highlights, of your week.  It could be anything that lightened your spirits or made you smile.  If you'd like to join in this exercise, visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

1. My first favorite I would like to share is a picture of my creeping phlox.  We planted it last year and it didn't do much. This year, however, it is a mound of purply flowery goodness!

2. Next, I'd like to share with you my spring centerpiece. Yes, those are fake tulips in my favorite creamware picture (found at an upscale thrift store!), but I love the colors.  Especially on my round tablerunner made for me with love by my sister-in-love, Cora.

I flanked the tulips on either side with my favorite yard sale candlesticks ... which I know I've shown you many times on this blog.

3.  Another favorite of mine that I dwelt on this week is memories.  I'm so thankful for the beautiful memories I have of my baby girls' growing-up years.  As you know, I have been experiencing "empty nest syndrome" with two of my three kidlets leaving home so close together.  One lives so far away now, and one is out trying her wings and I've not been able to see her since she left. At first, I was overwhelmed with feelings of failure as a mother, but lately God has been bringing to mind all the precious memories of when the girls were little and all the life lessons I feel I was able to instill in them then. Since I've been dwelling on the good stuff, and leaving the rest in God's capable hands, I've been feeling a lot better!

4.  I saw recently the beautiful unfolding of an answer to prayer in my dear friend Glenda's life. Her prodigal has come back in her life!  I am so happy and encouraged in seeing how this is all working out.  God is good!

5. Family news: One niece got engaged this week, and one nephew is getting married this weekend. I'm looking forward to both these events.  I am sentimental at heart and I just love weddings!

How has your week been?


Karyn said...

I'm so glad you have found some peace in your situation. I cannot believe you have been anything but a good mother, teaching your children the principals and joy of loving God! And how wonderful that a friend's prodigal has returned!! God is good.

I LOVE your table centerpiece. I have a 'thing' for pitchers and I especially like your cream pitcher. And yellow is such a cheerful color.

Lucky you to have flowers already!

hip-chick said...

your flox looks so pretty. We are nowhere near that far along here. I love weddings also.

Mom24 said...

Your phlox is beautiful! We planted it for the first time last year, I hope mine's as pretty as yours.

I'm glad you have found peace. Being a mom is hard, isn't it? I hope your girls take the lessons you've given them and make good choices in the weeks and months ahead. Remember, anything is possible.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Oh, I love weddings, too! How wonderful for your friend. And I do love your table and the creeping phlox.

I know what you mean about the empty nest...this is my first year dealing with it. How great that you've been able to dwell on the good memories.

Melissa said...

Love your centerpiece! The yellow flowers, pitcher, and fabric look so pretty together.

Thank God for answered prayers! He is so good, indeed.

Enjoy celebrating your nephew's wedding and your niece's engagement!

Lisa notes... said...

Your creeping phlox is so pretty and contained. Beautiful. I’m very thankful for memories too. And will definitely be doing like you a year from now when I start going through empty nest syndrome. Glad you’re feeling better now. Enjoy your upcoming weddings!

Brenda said...

Wow, lots of weddings coming up in your family, that is a lot of fun! I think we are all looking forward to spring. . . .

Susanne said...

So glad that God has been ministering to your heart with good memories and the good things you have taught your family. I hate that my girls lives so far away too. I only get to see her about 4 times a year.

The creeping phlox is gorgeous. I may just have to get some of those for my flower beds.

nikkipolani said...

Lovely things to remember, enjoy now, and anticipate :-) It's really wonderful that you have a treasure of memories to enjoy.

I love your simple yet cheery centerpiece.