Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #108

I've been thinking that paticipating weekly in the meme, Friday's Fave Five, is really journaling positively on a regular basis.  There are some weeks that are filled with highlights and it is easy to pick five, other weeks are disasters and you have to search to come up with even one highlight, let alone five.  And then there are the weeks that are just commonplace ... nothing special has happened ... in fact, it's hard to find anything that stands out in your memory.  I love those kind of weeks!

I love the challenge of looking for something good! It's like a treasure hunt.  I'm always up for the thrill of looking for blessings. 

Susanne, at Living to Tell the Story, is the host of Friday's Fave Five.  She and her faithful followers are expert at sharing positive highlights in their lives.  Please join them by clicking here.  AFTER your read my humble offering, please!

1.  Passion:  This week, I had the opportunity to have several conversations with people regarding the things God has laid on their hearts. Although it is often painful to see the struggle that some are going through in their endeavors to find where God wants them to serve, it is also exhilerating to see their passion and love for Christ.  I always come away from these conversations feeling honored they felt safe to share their spiritual longings with me.  It's also very uplifting to see that yes, in today's world, there are still those who long to serve Christ with all their being!

2. Nature:  The world is so beautiful!  Driving to work everyday, often preoccupied with my thoughts, I still notice and appreciate the beauty all around me.  Today, especially the sunshine and the shadow made things look so wonderful.  I wish I knew more about photography and could capture the interesting sights I see.

3.  Fresh Air:  I love the time of the year when we can have the windows open and feel the fresh breezes come into the house!  It doesn't last long, so I need to enjoy it while I can.

4. Cooperation:  I love it when we can all work together.  Two different instances of copperation this week made me thankful:  the worship team changed their practice to cooperate with schedule changes, and my husband helped me clean out the fridge - a job I had gotten behind on doing!

5. Chili - Tuesday, I made my first chili of the season! Fall is finally here!

Sorry, no photos to share this week.  I'm looking forward to the weekend and perhaps some "down-time"  to have an opportunity to go out and photograph what fall scenery I can find.  The trees have not turned yet, but I'm sure there is beauty to be found!


Melli said...

Our trees are just starting to gather a little yellow in them... I'm waiting for the oranges and reds I love!

I'm not like you in LOVING the HUNT for my treasures! I don't need big fancy treasures - I love the little tiny treasures that are uniquely FOR ME... but I don't want to have to hunt them down... I like when He pulls them out from behind His back and says "SURPRISE!" He is sO clever with those surprises!

You just reminded me I want to go open my windows - we have a cool and windy day going on! And I'm thinking tomorrow might be my first pot of chili!

Have a great day - and a great weekend Jerri!

Anonymous said...

You're right about the treasure hunt for FFF. It's a good practice whatever the week's been like. How wonderful that you got to participate in people's spiritual journeys.

cindy said...

Nature is a good one. Preoccupied is another I too-- out for a drive up to the East End of the Island today, traveling on clay dirt back roads and the trees swallowing up the centre, I'm going along thinking about how beautiful the colours are and then come onto a bright dark red I take a photo, no I'm consumed with the nature and preoccupied.

Chili hasn't made it to my crock pot in almost 6 months. I believe it might be time.

ellen b. said...

I love the fresh air of fall. Good conversations and a great pot of chili sounds really good to me! Blessings on your new week!

Heather said...

I love nature too! It displays God's majesty so well. I also love fresh air. I've had our windows open a lot this week. I was looking forward to some pics,maybe next week!

Marg said...

You listed some positive qualities that I adore. I loved your heading today...just how you described your weeks...I could totally ditto that.
It's truly a blessing...If I lived any closer I ride my bike by and sample that chilli.

Laura said...

FFF is like a treasure hunt, isn't it? I love it!

Isn't it nice to see people with passion? I think a lot of people just wander through life with none. I'm thankful for that gift.

Have a great week!

Brenda said...

I love the way you did this. It is always fun to figure out the things we are thankful for!

Willow said...

I think you're right about the journaling aspect of FFF. It's a highlight of my week.

On our drive to Northern CA, I certainly noticed the change of seasons. Because we hardly have seasons here, it was a pleasure to see the trees actually turning colors. (Palm trees don't do that).

Karyn said...

I love your list this week! I think when we notice the beauty in the 'commonplace' as you've done here, we fill our souls with light and joy.

Your comment about this meme being a positive journal is a good one - I look forward to reading back next year to see what the highlights of each week have been.

Susanne said...

I love how you described FFF! That description is officially my favorite way of looking at this little weekly project.

It's been beautiful here too and we've had windows open all the time. We're officially into Indian summer so the days are really warm and yet the leaves are turning so it's really beautiful right now.

Co-operation is a good thing. Love it when it happens.