Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Five #100

I'm back!  I have been in Florida and missed last week's Friday's Fave Five. I consider the meme, Friday's Fave Five, a wonderful way to journal the highlights of my life. Each week, we try to list at least five highlights that came our way.  Join Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for further information.

Our week in Florida was definitely an eventful week.  There are certain things about vacation that I always love:

1. Eating Out.  I adore eating at restaurants, and even better?  No clean-up!

2. Beautiful scenery: I so love to look at all the beautiful things God has made, and definitely Florida has been blessed:

Beautiful Sand and Sea (and a parasailor)

Beautiful Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, FL, with my beautiful Malia sitting in the surf.

Beautiful Beachy Sky

3. I just love the beach! But only in moderation.  In years past, I have went and stayed so long that I was lobster-red the rest of the week.  Vacations are not fun when you are sunburnt. I love looking for shells and walking in the surf.

4. Time with family and friends:  Vacation is the one time that I actually have time to visit people.  Of course, number one priority this vacation was to spend time with my mom, sister, and brother, and their families.  But I also got to visit with dear friends, my high school chums, and one of our favorite pastor and wife couples who pastored our home church years ago.

5. Shopping:  My girls and I think that the perfect vacation consists of going to the beach, eating out, and shopping which basically is just what we did.  (Jim just likes the eating out!) We went clothes shopping (of course) and then hit some thrift stores because what is a shopping trip without some bargains?

Guess what I bought? ... Yes, more dishes!

Now, the downside of our little trip is that the air conditioning in the van went out on the way to Florida, and our van spent most of the week in the shop.  Praise the Lord that we were able to borrow my mom's car!  In keeping with the exercise of looking for the good in every situation, now our van should be ready to go for many more miles ...

One less thing to worry about ...


Melli said...

I MISSED YOU! I'm so glad you're back -- and that you had a GREAT time on your trip! Those dishes are adorable! I have a question... because I would LOVE to collect dishes the way you do... but I don't dare! WHERE do you STORE them all??? I would have to build another room - for dishes.

I have not been to the beach this year - except for our little Chesapeake Bay... which is fine - but it's NOT the ocean. I really would love a trip to the beach... but I would MORE love a trip to Jerusalem -- which I'm hoping for next year!

ellen b. said...

Hi Jerri! Welcome back and it looks like you had your ideal vacation! I love eating out, too. Blessings as you return to normal at home :0)

Lisa notes... said...

I love eating out also. Especially the no clean-up part. A beach vacation is my favorite kind. Glad you were able to enjoy yours!

Karen said...

Love the blue dishes...sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Brenda said...

The beach and shopping would be a great vacation for me too. I have always enjoyed Florida and it looks like you had a wonderful time.

cindy said...

Welcome back safely!!!
Florida and the beaches, and the beaches oh ya and eating out is always good when there isn't clean up your right.

I love your sky photo on the beach.
Some are all about shoes and purses I'm all about dishes and place matts. When we go out and I head to the place matt department I get told about.

Great that the van got fixed while the rest continued to go great.

Susanne said...

The vacation looks just lovely. I would love to go on a beach vacation someday.

The dishes made me smile. They are so cheery.

Thanks for being a wonderful part of FFF!

Joanne said...

Love your favourite fives! I have a similar beach scene for my fff, and my girls and I love to eat out, go to the beach, shop and find bargains!
Thanks for sharing,

Laura said...

LOVE those dishes!

You were in my neck of the woods -- kind of. (About four hours away.)

The vacation you described sounded like ours when I was a kid. I had one sister, so my poor dad was outnumbered when it came to vacation.

(I've been paid back royally, by the way, with four sons...vacation is a bit different...!)

Karyn said...

LOL....OF COURSE you came home with a new set of dishes! They are cute.

Glad you had such a great holiday. Even better that you could enjoy it with friends and family.

Loved the photos!