Monday, January 4, 2010

Words to Stand On - Day Four

      If you are facing a situation that doesn't seem like it can be resolved, how can you cope? How do you go on, day after day?  Let me share our story ...

        Twenty-two years ago, my husband became ill.  He was diagnosed with major clinical depression. He was on medication for about 6 months.  It was a very confusing time (I had not known anyone with clinical depression before).  Once he was off the medication, I was relieved.  I thought it was over.

     But it was just the beginning ...

     Within a year, he was sick again. This time, we saw a psychiatrist instead of a general practice physician. We learned that the medication he had used before was not given to him in the right way, so he was started on something new.

     A funny thing about my hubby, he's very hard to medicate ... so we started on  a journey of finding the right medications.  Along the way, we encountered many new medications and side effects, hospitalizations, sporadic job attendance, a new diagnosis of bipolar disorder, many different doctors, electroshock therapy and finally ... permanent disability.

        I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

When Jim first became ill, I thought we could never make it. Phil. 4:13 became a cornerstone scripture to me. I remember sitting on my couch crying “God I just can’t take it.” But when you're all cried out, the only thing to do is to go on.  I'm the kind of person that looks on the positive, so wiping the tears from my eyes, I would concentrate on what scripture helped me the most at that time.  I realized that I COULD make it, not through me or my own strength, but through Christ.

When I had to leave my babies and go back to work, I told myself I could do it because Christ would help me. When I basically had to be a single mother during the years when Jim was the sickest, I would give myself a pep talk and remind myself that I could do it with Jesus helping me.

He never let me down.  He's always been there.  He showed up twice giving me just the right job.  He rode in the car with me all the times my hubby was at a hospital an hour and a half away and kept me awake and sane.  He would impress on people's hearts to help us when we were in need. He helped my husband get his disability on his first time applying (THAT was miraculous, indeed!)  He even had a couple groups of church men come put a roof on our house when we needed one!

I'm telling you, drink in the Word.  Feed on it. It will help you through every kind of trial.  You CAN do anything with Christ helping you. I'm living proof!


  1. Great words of our Lord - ones that I have had to stand on myself.

    My post today was about God being there when my daughter was so sick in November with Malaria. Without Him, I couldn't have made it through.

    Love to you today,

  2. Jerri, you continue to inspire me with God's word and how standing on it can truly affect how you cope during trials! God knew this was what I needed to hear. Thank you!

    I hope to use the trial I am facing right now to someday glorify Him, just as you did with yours.


  3. "I realized that I COULD make it, not through me or my own strength, but through Christ."...amen...very encouraging post...reminded me of a line from a song..."when you come to the place that I'm all you have, you'll find I'm all you need"

    Blessed by this series, Jerri!

  4. It is in our darkest hours that we become most aware of our Savior's loving arms supporting us - if we choose to turn to Him. I'm glad you made that choice when things were difficult for you.


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