Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday's Fave Five - January 1, 2010

It's a new year and a new opportunity to participate in Friday's Fave Five!

1.  I'm totally in love with the idea of new beginnings, so, of course, January 1st is my favorite day of the year!  Who can tell what exciting events the new year may bring?

2. I've shared before my love of dishes.  Here are my favorite Christmas dishes, glasses and placemats. I use these all through the month of December.

3.  I love the traditions of Christmas.  Our family Christmas always includes a reading of the Christmas story by my husband.

4. Another favorite of mine is decorating the table with runners, candles, and some sort of centerpiece.  Here is my December decoration.  (Note that I'm using the poinsettia I was given for my 5th ministry assistant anniversary and the yard sale candlesticks I bought and my hubby spray painted this summer.)

5. Today is an occasion for another favorite:  getting together with friends.  One of my favorite groups of people, my Encouragers Sunday School class, will be gathering tonight to celebrate the new year, eat pizza, and play Apples to Apples with each other. I can't wait!

6. Wait a minute! How can I forget one more favorite -- this meme and all the participants!  This group makes blogging enjoyable.

How was your week?  Would you like to share?  Link up over at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story.


Karen said...

Love your table decorations and dishes...I have joked with my husband that I love dishes so much, I would have a different set for every week...if I had the room!

Brenda said...

How fun that you enjoy decorating so much. It makes things nicer for others.

I love playing apple to apples and have played it some this holiday season.

Willow said...

I agree that this group of FFF bloggers is an important part of my life! Happy New Year! Here's to a blessed 2010!

Susanne said...

I totally agree with 6! The participants make this meme so fun and I look forward to meeting with everyone each week!

I love your red Christmas dishes. Every year I say I'm going to get Christmas dishes. I have to just go do it. They sure dress up the table.

I bought a gorgeous a pale blush colored pointsetta this year and it died within days. I think the cold got to it. :v(

Happy New Year to you.

Sis said...

What fun faves! And I have to say I LOVE that big red chair your husband is sitting in! lol

Karyn said...

Oh man, I LOVE your December dishes! I also love dishes, but have never 'splurged' on special ones for Christmas. You may have inspired me. :)

Reading the Christmas Story was always a Christmas Eve tradition in my family - my grandfather read it...then, when he no longer could, my father read it. We no longer celebrate Chrsitmas Eve with my family so that little tradition has kind of fallen to the side.... :(

I also agree with your #6! This group of people and this meme are one of my favorite things each week. Without it, I'd never have met YOU!

Melli said...

What a great list Jerri!

Ya know... I haven't been yard saling in an eternity -- but I DO love to find treasures and remake them to fit me! Annnnd - I also have a very secret and unsatisfied plate fetish too! It's secret and unsatisfied because I just don't have room to STORE numerous sets of dishes - and because I need service for at least 12 at any family gathering! But I would sO love to have seasonal dishes! I LOVE that you have a "Christmas" set! What other sets do you have?

I just bought Apples to Apples for our family for Christmas - but I haven't had the opportunity to play it with them yet! I love games though - I'm looking forward to it!