Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Dozen #14

1. Which Wizard of Oz character are you most like?

I'm like Dorothy because I believe "there's no place like home."

2. When you're deciding what you're going to wear each morning, which item do you select first? Why?

I always choose what shirt I'm wearing first because I'm addicted to cute shirts.  I own 3 or 4 times as many shirts as I do pants. (Ok, maybe it's 5 times as many ...)

3. What kind of animal do you think the world could live without?

Mice.  I know it would upset the food chain, but as far as I'm concerned, I'd be happy if I never saw another mouse.

4. How many Christmas trees are in your home?

One. It's all I can do to keep enough working lights for one, I sure don't need anymore!  Also, I only have room for one.

5. Would you prefer to be emotionless if it mean you didn't have to feel a heartbreak?

No, I think life would be meaningless if you couldn't love or feel joy.

6. Do you ever experience holiday let-down or depression?

I don't often feel depression after holidays or special events because I am such a routine person that I'm always ready to get back in the groove of normalcy.

7. Do you like Michael Jackson's music?


8. Why is it that we never judge people who have their teeth fixed for cosmetic reasons, but every other cosmetic procedure has a stigma?

I never really thought about it before ... but you're right, we do judge people for having cosmetic surgery but not dental cosmetic procedures. I think it may have something to do with our perception of people trying to hang onto their youth through plastic surgery, but everyone wants nice teeth, regardless of how many face lifts you may have had!

9. Enjoy horseback riding?

No, I'm afraid of heights, and on the back of a horse, I feel like I'm very very tall.  Plus I can barely make my kids mind me, how am I going to control a huge animal?

10. Shoes--practical or stylish?

Definitely stylish, although I'm hoping to find a style that is both at the same time.

11. What was the name of your first pet? Feel free to post a pic.

My first pet was a parakeet named Butchie.  I can remember as a child cleaning his cage every Saturday and cutting newspaper into a circular shape to line the cage. I would then promptly spill his water onto the newspaper when putting the cage back together.  Butchie resided in the dining room. One day, my dad decided to paint the dining room.  Once the room was painted, everything was moved back into the room, including Butchie's cage.  The paint fumes overcame him and Butchie was no more.

My first dog, was a mutt that was mostly cocker spaniel, named Gypsy.  Gypsy later became a mother to one lone puppy, named Squeaky for the sounds he kept making.  (Perhaps he was crying since he was an only puppy.) Not long after Squeaky's birth, my dad decided to relocate the family to Florida.  However, he did not want to travel with Gypsy and Squeaky in tow, so my granny became their new owner. Being curious dogs, they did not live long because they kept running onto the busy road where granny lived.

I have many other stories of pets and their unfortunate demises ...

I am now petless.  It's safer that way, really.

12. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done?

I have one gift bought, so that's probably less than 10%.

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LISA said...

Thanks for sharing this "cup of coffee" with me.
I may have to add one of these memes to my blog.
I love Daybook and it is one thing I do without fail during the week.
I find it so much easier to write with a prompt.
Have a lovely weekend...

Melli said...

Poooooooor Butchie! That is the saddest thing ever! Through NO FAULT of his own! At least the dogs - you can say DUMB DOG... but Butchie just sat on his little perch cheeping away... totally oblivious that he was on death's doorstep. :(

If you ever find those COMFY stylish shoes you let me know - K? Cuz right now if I need shoes on my feet I resort to Crocs! ACK!

Karen said...

Loved your answer to # 5 and I am in total agreement on that one...glad I am not the only one with a lot of shopping left to do....