Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Dozen #9

1. It's early morning, about 2:00AM, and you're driving home. You come to a red light and sit there. There is no one in sight for miles around. Do you wait it out or run the light?

Probably not, because I would debate about it so long that the light would turn green anyway ...

2. If you had the chance to re-do the last 24 hours, would you change anything?

I would change worrying about a certain situation so much and trust God more to work it out ... Oh wait, I can do that right now!

3. When you reply to someone's comment on your blog, do you reply in your comments or go to her blog and comment? (Or email her)

I go to her blog and comment, I believe in returning the favor. It's a blessing to me when someone takes the time to comment to me, I feel I should do likewise.

4. Your favorite Disney movie is:

Mary Poppins

5. Do you recycle?

Not really. I live in a small rural community that has no recycling centers, but I do re-use some things.

6. Games of strategy or games of chance?


7. Do you have any recurring dreams?

Nope, just weird, crazy illogical dreams - almost every night.

8. What did you learn from your first real job?

If you're friendly, cheerful and have a good attitude, your boss will do his best to keep you as an employee.

9. Do you buy or borrow most books?

Libraries are a gift from God. Need I say more?

10. What fashion trend of the past did you say you'd never wear again but did?

Hmmm... this is a toughie because so far I think I've kept my word. I said I'd never wear stirrups, toe socks or hip huggers again, and so far I haven't!

11. When do you start Christmas shopping?

I start my shopping the day I get my Christmas bonus. I know ... I need to work on that.

12. Have you ever been so happy that you literally jumped up and down for a few seconds? If so, what was the occasion?

I've always been easily excited so I think I've done that lots of times throughout my life. It really doesn't take much to make me happy. The time that sticks out in my memory is the first time I learned I was pregnant after 10 years of infertility.

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Joyce said...

just stopped in from Lindas....I loved your answer to #1...I debate myself on lots of things and then the thing I've been trying to figure out has usually resolved itself!

Melli said...

Boyyyyyyy that would make me jump too! A MILE high, I think! WOW! That was wonderful!

I remember the days when I COULDN'T start my Christmas shopping until I got my bonus - and we didn't get our bonus until Christmas Eve! It stunk! Then I had to get my check cashed and then go do all my shopping for my daughter and the rest of my family all at once... and be home in time for the babysitter and then get it all wrapped before Amanda found it! It took the JOY right out of Christmas, I'll tell ya! I think bonuses should be given at least 2 weeks in advance!

Karen said...

Loved the answer to #12...and I agree about libraries...I also like book swaps....