Friday, August 7, 2009

Today is an exciting Friday for me because in a few minutes, we'll be leaving town for a trip to Nashville with 5 other couples. We're going to the Grand Ole Opry. It's not that we're such big country music fans (they're not even having anyone at the Opry that I'm excited about seeing), it's just a great chance to be together, eat out, and do NO housework!

Before I go, I must participate in my favorite meme - Friday's Fave Five. FFF is the brainchild of Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. We are to share 5 favorites from our week. I always think it is good to reflect back on our week. Times goes by so fast, reflecting helps you to remember what has happened.

1. Fruity favorites - Saturday and Sunday we enjoyed some of summer's best perks - fresh fruit. I got some good deals at the grocery store - grapes for 99¢ a lb., peaches 78¢ a lb, and watermelon (seedless) for $3.50. We devour fruit around here, so it didn't last long!

2. Yard Sale-ing with my girls - Again, the gang and I went around to all the yard sales. This time, we also took my long-time best friend, Cora. We had a lot of fun together and wore ourselves out. Most of what I bought were clothes (I even found some for me) but I didn't take pictures of those. Here are a few treasures I found - a couple are destined for makeovers:

This picture did not do the casserole dish justice. It's a beautiful light green glass dish with fruit embossed on the bottom.

I'm thinking of re-doing the tray, although it is in excellent shape.

3. New author: For some reason, I love to read novels about the CIA or FBI or even CSI. If I can find books on those subjects written by Christian authors, so much the better. This week, I read "Against All Odds - Heroes of Quantico" by Irene Hannon. She's definitely a new fave author.

4. Fave body lotion: I love Bath and Body Works Classic Honeysuckle. Unfortunately, they discontinued it (I don't like their new honeysuckle scent at all), but I just opened a brand new bottle that I had saved back. For one more year, I will be able to smell my favorite scent. If only I had bought more!

5. New fave song: Although I have many favorites, recently I came across a new (to me) song by Poet Voices - "For All the Days that End in Why." A great song that makes you think.

It's almost time for me to leave for my adventure. I won't be able to check in with you till later, but have a happy Friday!

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ellen b said...

Enjoy your time away!! I love leaving town. Looks like you found some fun treasures garage/yard sale-ing. I love finding bargains. Enjoy your new author and blessings on your trip!

Susanne said...

Your getaway sounds wonderful. I'm with you, it's all about getting away with friends, enjoying food and no housework.

Lisa notes... said...

I love fresh fruit, too. And Nashville. :-) Have a great trip! No cooking or cleaning allowed.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a good week, enjoy your time away!

Willow said...

Enjoy your trip! Isn't getting away fun?
I love mysteries, too! Have you read the Christian series about the young woman who owns an heirloom rose nursery and gets involved in all kinds of murders to investigate? I can't recall the author's name, but one of the books is titled Rosemary for Remembrance.

Carleen said...

Oh how cool that you are going to the Opry! It's a dream of mine to get to see the Opry one of these days. Glad that you had such a great week and hope that you'll have a picture of a memory from the Opry for next week's FFF!

Wishing you a safe and pleasant trip.

Brook said... fun to travel with friends. I hope you have a safe and wonderful time! The treasures you found garage saling are great to add to your collection. :) Is the black wrought iron item for the wall or is it a trivet? I found a sound bite of the song you mentioned...beautiful!

Angie said...

Hope you all have a great time in Nashville. :)

My aunt loves to go to garage sales and I'm amazed at all the goodies she finds.

Irritable Mother said...

Ahhh, I hope you had a great weekend!!!
And I just hate it when B&BW discontinues scents. I loved this Raspberry foamy soap, had a couple bottles and when I went to get new after I'd run out, I found out it was discontinued. *pouty face*

Gwendolyn said...

I hope you have a great trip! :o)