Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday's Fave Five- June 5, 2009

Is it Friday already? As usual, the week flew by! Which is one reason I always participate in Friday's Fave Five, a meme that explores the five most favorite things that happened in our week, making us take time to stop and reflect.

This week, my hubby has been busy with finishing remodeling the bathroom. As a result, the house has been filled with sheetrock dust, tools and general chaos. We've had little time to go on bike rides or do anything special. I've not taken any new pictures this week!

So, I've decided to share 5 favorites that comfort me no matter what kind of week I have had.

1. A relaxing dinner by candlelight using my favorite dishes, "Sunflower" by Corelle.

2. When I've had a stressful day, one of my favorite things to do is to fill a small basin with warm water and Bath and Body Works Cotton Candy bubble bath and soak my feet! After soaking awhile, drying off and slathering lotion on makes me feel so much better! (Sorry, no pic!)

3. Another favorite stress reliever: reading a good book. Over the years I've come up with several tried and true favorites that just make me feel happy to read them and get lost in their fictional world. Here's a list of some favorites since childhood:
  • To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • Karen by Marie Killilea
  • Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
  • The Loves Comes Softly series by Janette Oke
  • Sophie's Heart by Lori Wick (possibly my all-time favorite)
  • The Mitford Series by Jan Karon

4. Another favorite thing to do is to go for a drive and look at pretty scenery. And if I can't go for a drive, I can always look at pictures from past trips:

beautiful sunset

I love willow trees!

Another thing I love - old white farmhouses!

5. I love to listen to praise and worship music. I get lost in it and forget my troubles. My favorite praise and worship CD is by Terry MacAlmon, "Live Worship." I know it's been around awhile but it just speaks to me.

If you'd like to share some favorites, visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. This a great bunch of people who love to visit everyone's blog to share each other's small joys.


ellen b said...

Good morning Jerri! Ahh yes the lovely mist of drywall past being sanded. Nothing quite like it to cover everything and clog your vacuum! :0) I always have to look way forward during these projects and start enjoying the results in my head. At least you traveled away to your favorites. I have to try that feet soaking thing. I'm just now reading the Anne of Green Gables series of books for the first time ever and am so enjoying them. Mitford books are like taking a vacation :0)
I too love listening to Worship music.
Blessings on your weekend and the completion of your "project"!

Islandsparrow said...

Renovation process is not so much fun - but the end result is worth the mess. Hope yours is over soon so you can get back to the bike rides!

Your ways of relaxing are very similar to mine - nothing like a foot soak or a hot bath, a good book and worship music.

Happy weekend!

skoots1mom said...

gr8 post
:) F3!

Susanne said...

Jerralea, what a wonderful list of things that relax. I'm loving the idea of a foot soak with cotton candy bubbles.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Nothing beats a foot foot bath. I have a heated foot spa that vibrates and keeps the water warm. It is pure heaven to slip your tired puppies in the hot soapy water and let the heat and the gently vibrations sooth away all the aches and pains of my tired toes. I love it!!!!!!

Loved all you fav's, some of my fav's as well!


Pamela said...

Great list and list within a list (the books!). Beautiful pictures - we vacationed in western New York last year and saw lots of white farmhouses - so picturesque.

Anonymous said...

I so don't like to renovate things but when you do the finished product makes it all so worth it. What an excellent FFF. The pictures are just awesome. Thanks for sharing and have a great Friday :)

Angie said...

Your dishes are pretty. :)

Love your pictures. Very pretty.

Hope you have a great weekend and that things with the bathroom go smoothly and quickly!

Lisa notes... said...

All five things! I would love doing every one of them. :-)

hip chick said...

I love to soak my feet also. I don't think I could do the cotton candy would make me hungry.

Kari said...

Hi Jerri,
Thanks for your comments on my Fave Five. You are so right about this community being a very international one too. And yes your lives and life stories enrich my life - I love it. And I love the Fave Five Group. You are like an extended family. I always enjoy reading what makes others happy.
I love your list. I know what you mean about chaos during renovation - but it will be all so worth it once everything is completed. I also love your list of books, I especially love To Kill A Mocking Bird. That is a book I keep close to my heart.
Have a great week!! - Go Lakers!.

Auntie Q said...

I love old white farm houses, too! This one is amazing!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Hi Jerri!
Great Fav Five. I love your pictures. The willow tree with the bridge is so peaceful. Wish I was there right now. :)
And I love your book list, I have read every one of those books. :)
Thanks for visiting my blog, sorry it took so long to drop by your blog. :)
Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate

Mrs. C said...

And...we enjoy the same books, too. I'm never ceased to be amazed at how much we have in common. Btw: I gave you a blog award. Come by to pick it up.

Lisa said...

OK, I think you have been checking my bookshelves for something to read. I like this list of lists, makes me wonder what I might put on mine.