Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's On Your Mind '09 - Write Your Own Psalm

Our challenge this week at "What's On Your Mind, '09" is to write our own Psalm based on Psalm 31. Below is my humble attempt. One thing I've found is that I find it hard to be as wordy as David!

My Psalm 31
Section 1 - My Safe Place:
Protect me, Lord!
I know I can count on You because You always do the right thing.
Quick! Let me hide in You where my enemies can't touch me.
I trust You, Lord, I know You're faithful. I know You won't let me down because I have trusted in Your Name.
Satan has tried to trap me but You are my Protector.
I despise those who trust in other gods: I rely on You!
You make me joyful even though I'm hedged about with troubles and despair, I know You love me with a love that doesn't give up. Though Satan wants to hurt me, You have kept me safe.
Section Two - Lament:
Have mercy! I need help.
My heart is heavy. Sadness clings to me.
A weight of fear is crushing me -- it's paralyzing me and I feel as if I'll never get free.
I feel looked down on -- a failure. Failure as a person. Failure as a mother. Failure materially. I feel whispers behind my back: "she'll never amount to anything" "what will she ever have to show for her life?"
Section Three - The Big "But":
But I trust You!
I put my future in Your hands.
Give me favor ...
I know You won't let me down.
Let the evil ones know shame. Hush their mouths!
Section Four - Praise His Faithfulness:
You are Awesome!
You bless and protect those who honor You.
You do it with everyone watching!
You keep me safe from those who plan to bring me down.
Your Holy presence catches me up -- far from those who want to talk about me.
I praise You for keeping me safe when I was being attacked.
I felt fear and yelled,
"I can't feel you" and
"Have mercy on me."
And You did!
So, all my brothers and sisters in Christ, remember God will protect His loyal ones.
If you're prideful, you'll be brought down, but don't be fearful if you hope in Him.
Be strong!
Thanks to Karen at Surviving Motherhood who taught me about writing my own psalm. Visit Shane at Heart Reflections to see who else met the challenge!


Irritable Mother said...

This is wonderful, Jerri!
I loved, "Quick! Let me hide in You where my enemies can't touch me."
And I fully understand the part about the whispers behind your back. Oh, why do we let those get to us???
My favorite part, though, is the Big BUT!
HE is good - all the time. And I am glad you took the time to write this psalm and share it with us. Thanks!

Snow White said...

It was such a treasure to write my psalm this last week... thanks for sharing yours. on an unrelated note, we love Mrs. Dash seasonings... especially because they are salt free :) have a blessed week.

Sherry said...

How neat! Love your psalm. You did a great job! :D

It Feels Like Chaos said...

What a neat exercise and your Psalm is wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Jerri - well done! You did great! =)

Theresa said...

That is beautiful! I am so not good at this stuff. You make it sound easy.

Great Job!!!

Rina said...

Wow, this is really wonderful!