Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's on Your Mind? '09- To Be or NOT To Be

What’s On Your Mind ‘09 strikes again! Today, the challenge looms… write a post without using any BE verbs (am, are, was, were, is, be, been, being). Like Shane, at Heart Reflections, my post does contain a couple occurences of a form of the word be – simply because I’m using a quote to begin my post. Please read my humble attempt below:

My Life, A Precious Gift to Me

Today, I read a quote from an online friend’s email: “My point is that all those sounds together, or others like them, are the sound of our lives: What each of them might be thought to mean separately is less important than what they all mean together. At the very least they mean this: listen. Listen. Your life is happening." Frederick Buechner

His quote captured my thoughts. God gave me my life as a very special gift. I don’t want to waste it. Too often, dreaming of the future robs me of the now.

So, focus; listen to those everyday sounds and think of what it means. Laughter, the first sound that comes to mind. I love to laugh! With three daughters and an extraordinary hubby, laughter happens a lot! Laughter means joy.

The next sound: the sound of typing. As a secretary with two jobs, a constant clicking of my keyboard fills my days. My new hobby of blogging fills the evenings with typing also. My family types daily also -- teenagers on facebook, husband who loves to play southern gospel music on an internet chatroom – we keep our three computers busy. Typing means employment, social and personal fulfillment.

Another sound found often around the home: the sound of appliances. Dishwasher washing, heater blowing warm air, or in the summertime the a/c blowing cold air, microwave beeping, washing machine agitating all add up to a busy household. Appliances working mean convenience to me!

The television blaring frequently makes an unwelcome sound. Often, I think the TV needs turning off to encourage thinking! Yet, I admit sometimes I enjoy watching certain programs. Each show has its own theme song. The sound of a certain program can signal a certain time of day. For instance, I know when I hear “Wheel of Fortune” that 6:30 p.m. has rolled around again. TV can mean the sound of entertainment.

I also love the sound of music, in particular, praise and worship music. The word says:

“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual
songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.”

Ephesians 5:19

I feel that our “self-talk” should sound like praising and worshipping the Lord, and speaking words of kindness to ourselves.

However, nothing can compare to the sound of my loved ones voices. Oh, certainly they do not always say what I want them to say, but hearing their voices sounds like love to me.

What does your life sound like?

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Irritable Mother said...

What an interesting thought - taking time to evaluate our lives by the sounds which surround us. The hum of the computer.
The dog licking her chops.
Right now the sounds remind me of quiet life while the kids attend school.
In moments the door will creak, my daughter will enter with loud footsteps, and the dogs nails will click on the floor as she runs to greet Elizabeth.
And moments later I will feel and hear the wind as I walk to school to get my boys. I will hear the latest news on who "like-likes" who and by the time we get home, I will probably hear a little bickering, too.
"T" minus two left of the silence. Excuse me while I savor it! *grin*

Ha! Left a whole comment without am, are, is, was, were, been, or be!

Anonymous said...

Funny... I would like to type the sounds heard in Karen's home for my own! So... fine let me think of some all my own...
-dog barking at any sound at all
-my own loud breath drifting off for an afternoon snooze
-telephone ringing reminding me of the carpool for dance for my little one
-sound of my spoon eating WAY to much ice cream right out of the carton
-guilt, guilt, guilt capturing my thoughts

KelliGirl said...

Hi Jerri,
I stopped by from Shane's blog. I accepted her challenge as well. No easy task, was it? (See I have already fallen back into my be-filled ways.)

What an interesting topic. I never thought about the sounds of my life. SInce my kids attend school fulltime and I work from home, so taps on the keyboard and clicks of the mouse provide the soundtrack to much of my days. Right now the washing machine hums in the background and the television plays in the family room. Soon my son will start to practice his drums, breaking the tranquility of our evening!

Thanks for the reminder to pause and listen.