Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's Fave 5 - February 6, 2009

Today is wonderful Friday, and time for Friday's Fave 5 at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story.

We are to list 5 favorite things about our week.

1. Today's my anniversary! My favorite guy has put up with me for 33 years. To read about him, click here.

2. Believe it or not, one of my favorite things this week is that I was able to make it into the office every day! Usually, I'm being thankful to have a day off, but when things prevent you from working a full week several weeks in a row, you get behind on paperwork. And paperwork is NOT my fave!

3.One of my favorite table decorations is pictured below. One of the things I love to do is decorate my table for different occasions. I read at Kim's blog, about decorating with Valentine candy. I decided to try it, first visiting the Dollar Tree. There I purchased a glass heart dish for $1, placed a pillar candle in it from Wal-Mart $1.88, and poured a bag of Valentine candy hearts, $1, around the candle. Voila! A centerpiece for $3.88. (It would have been $3 if I had gotten to the Dollar Tree before all the pillar candles were sold out.) The tablecloth underneath the candle was a gift a few years back from my bff, Cora.

4. We've had a couple sunny days this week. After last week's ice storm, definitely another fave!

5. Another favorite quote to share with you:

"The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist to support this
ultimate career." C.S. Lewis

Thanks for reading my 5. Visit Susanne here if you'd like to see how everyone else's week went.


Susanne said...

Great quote. Love C.S. Lewis!

"Sweet" idea for the centre piece! Love it.

And Happy, happy anniversary to you!

Barbara H. said...

Happy anniversary! You are a few years ahead of us -- we had our 29th in December.

That is a cute decoration! I like to decorate for the seasons and holidays, too.

We had several overcast days, and today it is sunny but still cold. It's supposed to get up into the 50s and 60s over the weekend, and I am so glad!!

Love that quote!

The Correspondent said...


I love the Dollar Tree, and your Valentine's Day centerpiece is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the decorating idea.

Willow said...

Interesting comment from CS Lewis. I'm a great fan of his writings.

Great Fave Fives this week!

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for visiting my blog today. Your centerpiece idea is so cute. I really like CS Lewis, thanks for that excellent quote.

ellen b said...

Hello Jerrelea,
A very happy Anniversary to you. Congratulations on 33 years!! I hope you have a wonderful celebration. Blessings...

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie! 33 years -- awesome!

Wonderful quote and I love the valentine decoration. I like to decorate for the holidays, too. This is a great idea and with all the different colored m&m's, could be done for almost any holiday. Of course, m&m's don't last long around my house;)

dana said...

Happy Anniversary!! However, you are JUST a newlywed--we're looking at 41 yrs. this June. I can't believe it! We were 20 and 22 and had dated less than a year when we married!! I would have skinned my kids alive if they would have pulled a trick like that! :)
I love decorating for the holidays, too, and I really like your centerpiece and sweet tablecloth!!

Hope you've had a wonderful FFF! Dana

DebD said...

Happy Anniversary. May God grant you many years! What a great idea for a centerpiece.

Deb (coming over from the Daybook Society).