Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WFMW: Recycled Cloth Napkins

Works for Me Wednesday is one of the highlights of my week. (I am so nerdy that I love to read everyone's tips and recipes!) Last week, I read a post by Sarah from I Blame My Mother about cloth napkins. You can read about it here. Her post inspired me to write about my own cloth napkin tip.

If you have a set of sheets that you love but is now getting worn out, you can recycle them into napkins! I had a gorgeous set of sheets given to me as a wedding gift by a favorite aunt who has since passed away. I absolutely loved those sheets and used them constantly. Alas, after a couple decades of use (I'm not kidding) the center of the sheets wore out. We're talking holes, here. However, the sides of both sheets were still lovely. The tiny flowers had faded to a perfect color, a color that strangely enough matched my dishes. I had one of my rare light-bulb moments. Why not make napkins out of the good parts of the sheets to go with my dishes?

Now, when I set my table with my dishes (given to me by my parents) and use the napkins made from the sheets given me by my aunt, it makes me smile! It works for me!

Now, hurry on over to Shannon's blog at Rocks In My Dryer to get inspired by all the good ideas shared at Works for Me Wednesdays!


  1. Ooh! I love cloth napkins- and that is a great idea to recycle sheets. I have a few pillowcases with frayed edges or holes that I could get a couple napkins out of. How fun!

    P.S. I love the idea you left on my blog about using peanut butter jars for garage/workshop bits and pieces.

  2. Great idea! I have a nice sheet that, tragically, was pulled off my clothesline by a misbehaving dog and thoroughly mauled... but there were lots of parts that were fine, so I saved it in hopes of figuring out some way of salvaging part of it. Thanks! I'll have to do that. :-)

    (btw, I came over from Rocks in My Dryer)

  3. Yay! Something that worked for me works for you!! I love it. I also try to read through all the tips. There are several each week that I can use.

  4. I turned my old sheet into handkerchiefs--same way, just a different use!


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