Tuesday, January 27, 2009

100 Things About Me.

It's finally time to do my 100 Things About Me post! Actually it's past time, I've posted 109 posts, so you can guess the first thing about me:

  1. I'm a procrastinator
  2. I'm a Christian (this is actually the first thing I hope people know about me.)
  3. I'm a wife
  4. I'm a mother of three daughters
  5. I'm a daughter (my mom is still living and my daddy is in heaven)
  6. I'm a church secretary
  7. I'm a Sunday School teacher
  8. I live in the midwest
  9. I grew up in Florida
  10. I hate it when my toes get hot
  11. I struggled with infertility for 10 years
  12. I work for two churches
  13. Twice I worked at a bank
  14. I once worked for a dentist
  15. I once worked for a lawyer
  16. Twice I worked for the county clerk (in different states)
  17. I once played the violin
  18. I broke my arm three times
  19. I love to read
  20. I have ambitions to write
  21. I like to scrapbook but don't have time to do it very much
  22. I like to cook
  23. I enjoy collecting recipes
  24. Also I like to collect angels
  25. And figurines of houses
  26. I'm an early bird
  27. I get silly after my bedtime (which used to be 10 p.m. but is getting closer to 9:30 p.m.)
  28. I'm a very positive person
  29. I love to laugh
  30. I often get tickled at solemn occasions
  31. I love game shows
  32. I love word puzzles
  33. I love Scrabble
  34. I hate confrontation
  35. I'm not good with finances
  36. My worst fault is my #1 - procrastination
  37. I'm grouchy when I get tired
  38. I have good intentions but have trouble following through (see #1 again!)
  39. Usually older people love me
  40. I'm not good with older kids because I can't be firm with them (see #34)
  41. I love babies
  42. I did not go to college because I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. (See #12-16)
  43. As a child, I wanted to be a spy
  44. As an adult, I am very unobservant
  45. My husband was once broke down on the side of the road and tried to flag me down. I drove right past him without seeing him.
  46. As a child, I also wanted to be an animal doctor (mainly because of reading books about animals)
  47. As an adult, I am afraid of touching all animals
  48. My favorite drink is sweet tea
  49. If I was taking the Pepsi challenge, I would choose Pepsi over Coke
  50. My favorite food is pizza
  51. I love cheese - any food tasts better with cheese, unless it's a dessert and then it can be improved with cream cheese
  52. I also love chocolate
  53. I medicate myself with M&M's
  54. My two favorite colors are blue and burgundy
  55. I wear a lot of black
  56. I like to wear jackets
  57. I love purses
  58. I love earrings, especially hoops or dangly ones
  59. I love the smell of honeysuckle
  60. I also love to smell orange blossoms
  61. I adore scented candles
  62. I'm a good listener
  63. I never tell secrets
  64. I like to set my table with pretty dishes, candles, and matching place mats.
  65. It's important to me to have my family dressed nice when we go out in public
  66. I hate when my children write notes or draw on their skin
  67. I took French for two years in high school
  68. I cannot speak French
  69. I do recognize some French when I read it in literature, so it was not a total waste
  70. I am very sentimental and have been known to cry at movies -- or even commercials
  71. When I find a clothing item I like, I buy one in every color
  72. I've worn glasses since I was 17
  73. I cannot tell jokes because I laugh hysterically through all of them
  74. I've told the joke about Bubba and the pope so many times that I don't think it is funny any more
  75. One of my husband's friends crashed our first date and I thought he'd never leave
  76. When working in the kitchen I love to sing and dance, and sometimes I skip
  77. When it's bedtime, I say, "I'm going to my office."
  78. My dad would not let me pierce my ears until I was 18.
  79. When I was 12 my grandmother dyed my hair blonde - without asking my parents.
  80. When I was 16 that same grandmother bought me a wig -- just for fun. Clearly, she did not like my hair!
  81. I say there's always time for lipstick, and put it on in the car before backing out of the drive
  82. I wheeze when I laugh
  83. I'm the oldest child in my family
  84. I'm also the oldest grandchild
  85. I am the slowest texter in the cell phone world
  86. My first dog was named Gypsy
  87. I had a parakeet named Butchie
  88. I like to read mysteries
  89. I used to do cross stitch
  90. I used to plastic canvas
  91. I used to paint t-shirts
  92. I used to make ceramics
  93. I used to make victorian bears
  94. Every time people take pictures of me, my eyes are closed
  95. Every time I take pictures of people I cut their heads off
  96. I drive a Mitsubishi Galant
  97. I'm allergic to red wasps
  98. I was once in a car wreck and had to have stitches in my head
  99. I've been referred to as a walking dictionary.
  100. My grandma introduced me to the love of my life, we dated through the mail, got married 7 months later, and have stayed married for 32 years.


  1. Though we are miles apart haven't spent alot of time together since high school I can see you in so many of your "100" list! Can't wait until we get together again...

    Love ya! Toni

  2. Jerri, I loved reading the 100 points of your life, wow, you have a lot in common with me, I was shaking my head, awesome, thank you for sharing so honestly and candidly, I loved it, God bless you, your family are very beautiful

  3. I love this ! I kept thinking "Oh , we would get along just fine!".
    I may barrow this from you and do something similar on my blog! Blessings!


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