Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November Challenge - Giving Thanks - Day 16-18

Day 16, Sunday, November 16: I am so thankful that I have God's Word! I'm grateful that I have the freedom to possess a copy of the Word; in fact, I have more than one copy, more than one translation. I am so blessed! There are believers world-wide who cannot be seen with a copy of scripture or they face imprisonment. There are groups of believers that only have one copy between them and they take turns taking a page home and memorizing it. Yet, we Americans value our bibles so little that they sit on our coffee tables and gather dust!

I have to share this: as a church secretary, often I see that people have mistakenly left their bibles at church. Do they ever call the church asking if we've seen their bible? Rarely. Sometimes I call the name listed inside the cover and find out the bible has not even been missed!
Day 17, Monday, November 17: It's back to work on Monday, and I realize how thankful I am for technology. Of course, you can see that I love blogging on the internet, made possible by the invention of the personal computer. There are other technological marvels that make my job easier. I'd be lost without my copier and my printer. Fax machines are amazing, too. And typing on the computer is awesome -- no more carbon paper and white-out! And one of the church secretary's best friends -- the folding machine! Thank you, Lord, for the technology you've blessed me with to make my life easier.
Day 18, Tuesday, November 18: After the last few rainy dreary days, today we have glorious sunshine. I am thankful for sunny days because it helps me to have a sunny spirit. It seems to give me energy when I see the sun shining.


Gwendolyn said...

Alex left his Bible at church on Sunday and he is quite devastated. I haven't called yet, though, 'cause I figure it's just been put in the lost and found and I can't get back there until Sunday anyway. Sigh. I hope it's still there!

Anonymous said...

I used to be a church secretary. I can certainly identify with these things you are thankful for. I think the things I was most thankful for besides the computer of course, and the printer was the copy machine. We had a really nice one and printed our church bulletins and newsletters on it. It was so easy and did such a great job. In the old days - really old days - it was the mimeograph machine and after that a printer that was messy messy messy and so much trouble. And you're right about the Bibles too. I don't know exactly how many we have, but it is a lot since my husband is a retired pastor. We were at a bookstore just today and he was looking at a new Bible, but then he put it back down and said, "I've got enough Bibles. I really don't need another one." I agreed with him.

Anonymous said...

I certainly do agree that being a church secretary is one of the greatest jobs. One of the things I liked about it - there were many things - was working with my husband and going to lunch every day with him. sometimes we took our lunch but more often, we went and ate usually at a fast food place, but not always. It took me a long time to get used to being retired, but now I'm enjoying it a lot.

Tiffanie said...

My husband counts on those "lost" Bibles. He rarely takes his to church and is convinced that the ones in lost and found are there for him to borrow. I keep telling him that the owner is probably looking for it the very moment he's "borrowing" it.

About people never calling in... We have several Bibles each, maybe the owner justs gets into the habit of using another Bible and forgets that they "lost" one.