Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday's Fave Five: The Week After Christmas

It's that lovely time of year, the last week of the year, the week after Christmas.  Everything seems in limbo.  We're done with the old, just not quite ready to put on the new.

What a lovely time to pause and reflect on our favorites this week!  What better place to do it than Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story?

1.  Christmas was a lovely day.  We celebrated at a shortened service at church.  We had a good turn out and the mood was mellow as we all reflected on the blessings of the Christ child coming to live with mankind. Later on, we had a great afternoon as our youngest came home for Christmas dinner.  It was wonderful to see her!

2.  Boxing Day (or the day after Christmas) turned out to be my favorite for the week.  I declared it "Lazy Monday" and did a crazy goofy thing (for me, anyway) and stayed in my pajamas ALL day.  It was quite a treat.  I lit all the candles and spent the day blogging and surfing the net all tucked up in my couch recliner. Ahhh... so relaxing!

3.  All good things must come to an end, however, and on Tuesday I headed back to work.  I had a little difficulty, though ... because that morning we received our first snowfall of the season!

This house across the street from where I work is a favorite of mine.  I wanted to capture it with snow, so I snapped a photo as soon as I got to work.

A view of snowy trees and snow-capped roofs.

It's a good thing I took these photos when I did. By noon, Mr. Sun had melted all the evidence of our first snow away ....

4.  The rest of the week passed by quite uneventfully.  However, I did have a close call driving home last night.  I had stayed late in town because I was getting my nails done.  By the time I started home, it was dark as can be.  THREE different times, I saw deer near the road.  One time, one buck actually walked in front of me, but thank the Lord, I was able to evade him!  Protection from deer is always a favorite in my book!

5.  Tonight, I am anticipating a wonderful evening.  We've invited two couples over to play Apples to Apples, Bible Edition with us.  I can't wait!  I know it will be fun!

How was the last week of 2011 for you?  If you would like, link up and share at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blogpost Review: 2011

If I were to sing a song about my blogposts this past year, sort of like the 12 days of Christmas, would there be one theme brought up repeatedly?  Sort of like that pesky partridge in a pear tree?

On the first month after Christmas, I wrote about: Janae finding the right job for her (it took her all year to find it, but she did!); traditions; snow days; having a twinkle in your wrinkle; the perfect toasted cheese sandwich; and one's calling in life.  My favorite post of the month was, "Thankful Thursday, What's My Significance."

In the second month after Christmas, I wrote about our youngest leaving home; scriptures that offer support when going through a trial; my fears that no one will remember me when I'm gone; the day I got "heart-attacked" at work; and becoming a two minivan family.  February's favorite post to write was "The Opposite Life."

In the third month after Christmas not much writing was going on!  I did manage to whine about being sick with an upper respiratory infection and discuss my goal of being perceived as normal.  I got a kick out of writing the post, "Sleep, Glorious Sleep," (probably because I had been doing so much of it!)

In the fourth month after Christmas, I discussed Ann Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts;" showed off pictures of my favorite table decorations and a gorgeous shot of my creeping phlox, shared God's providence of keeping a dress I wanted out of my reach until it went on sale; and talked about the work of Christians - believing.   I also shared how the helpfulness of our friends during the rising flood waters touched my heart. My favorite post:  "When I Am In A Mess of My Own Making." 

In the fifth month after Christmas, my inspiration gave to me:  FIVE GOLDEN WORDS .... la, la, la, la, la....

Oops, sorry, got carried away there ....

Actually not much golden was written about in May because that is when we became flood victims survivors. My favorite May post was "Thankful Thursday:  Memorial Day"

The sixth month after Christmas, we were deep in the throes (definition:  hard and painful struggle) of remodeling our flood-soaked home.  Not one blog post got written!

The seventh month after Christmas, I shared about the work and relief of moving back into our own home.  July's favorite post:  "Friday's Fave Five #148."

The eighth month after Christmas, I shared a quote:  "You don't get to choose how you're going to die, or when. You can only decide how you're going to live."  … from the blog of “bcp … My Life.” I also shared pictures of my remodeled kitchen, pictures of favorite landmarks, talked about unpacking the last box, a game night with friends, and the value of silence.  August's favorite post:  "The Pause That Refreshes".

e ninth month after Christmas, inspiration gave to me:  the value of state parks, and building up people with my words.  I shared pictures of the furniture that FINALLY arrived,  a tablescape and the Ohio river. I wrote about the importance of praise and the value of self-discipline, the simple pleasure of a well-made bed, and the fact that I am an alien.  September's most fun post to write:  "10 Things I Would Do If I Didn't Have to Work."

The tenth month after Christmas, I wrote about being a creature of habit, about the value of being an "energetic doer of good deeds," a fallen brother, and spiritual weapons.  I shared pictures of my long-awaited burgundy shutters, an abundance of fall decor, both inside and out, and a new animal print rug. October's favorite post:  "22 Things."

The eleventh month after Christmas brought discussion about our Women's Retreat, a quote by Edison, a scripture concerning being God's masterpiece, sharing a secret recipe for oatmeal, new crockpots and more gorgeous fall photography. I talked about a golden calf with golden toenails, big words, and the time my husband whacked off my hair with a penknife.  My favorite November post, however was a little piece entitled, "My Bed, How I Love Thee."

Finally, the twelfth month after Christmas, inspiration brought to me:  a post celebrating having a whole week off from work, a trip to Oklahoma, a girl with pink hair, my un-favorite Sunday dinner, and a whole lot of Christmas decor. December's favorite post to write:  "Five Things."

And a   p a r t r i d g e   in a pear tree!

That wraps up Jerralea's Journey for the year.  I see that I wrote most often about my faith, but at least 3 times about sleep and my love for my bed!  It's good to know that my priorities are in place!

I'm linking this up to Mama Kat's  Writer's Workshop.  You can link up, too, here.

Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas Reflections

The day after Christmas I am sitting on my couch relaxing, surfing the net and thinking random thoughts ...

Something I never blogged about this season, and I meant to do so, was the fact that I really appreciate living and working in a small town during the Christmas season.  I actually work in a town that has something you don't see so much anymore - a town square.  Although, I don't know why they call it a square because you drive around it in a circle!  Anyway, our town has a little park with a fountain in the center of the square.  It also has an old fashioned red phone booth in the park. No phone ...just the booth!

But I digress, the reason I mentioned our town square is because they also do something that is unique - they play Christmas music every day in the square over loud speakers.  When you are waiting in line at the drive-thru at the bank, you can hear it clearly.  I often wonder if  the merchants in the businesses facing the square go bonkers hearing the music all day long?

I also wonder if some atheist will decide that their rights are being violated by songs in the air and will try to do something about it.  It is so sad how a few can make a big deal about something and the majority will go along with it.  Anything is accepted in the name of tolerance ...

Another random thought - I noticed in my blog side bar that as the years go by it seems I post less ... In 2009, over 200 posts.  2010 shows over 100 posts, and in 2011 under 100.  Am I running out of things to say? (No, that can't be the reason!)  More likely, it's just the fact I am getting busier as the years roll by.

In an effort to corral some of these random thoughts, I'm going to do the rest of this post in a daybook theme:


Outside my window...a gray dreary day.  We are supposed to get rain tonight that will supposedly change into a wintry mix of snow, freezing rain, sleet, etc. by tomorrow morning.  Ugh.

I am cozy I am wearing my jammies and sitting in the living room with candlelight gleaming. I have declared it "lazy Monday."  I'm going to wear jammies all day and just do what I want to do.  Returning to the workaday world starts tomorrow: for today, I am extending Holiday time off!

I am thankful have a warm snug home.  I'm also thankful for the insulating, new roof and new windows we had done when remodeling.  Our utility bills are less this year, yet we are warmer. No more cold drafts in this house!

In the kitchen... not much going on, but I am going to try out a new recipe, "Cheddar Baked Chicken," later today.

I am red and black checked pajama pants, red long pajama top and warm gray socks.  So comfy!

I am creating
...a new menu plan.  Our old one needs some tweaking.

I am going...NOWHERE!

I am wondering...what the new year will bring.

I am reading...nothing right now.  I just finished reading Jodi Picoult's book about a teenager with Asperger's, "House Rules."  It was really riveting and I learned a lot about Asperger's.

I am hoping...for a great year with no problems... what everyone hopes for, right?

I am looking forward to...Friday evening. We are having friends over and are going to play Apples to Apples.  I found a bible edition of the game, so I am excited to try it.

I am hearing... my favorite winter time song, "Walking in a Winter Wonderland."  I can't help it - I hum this song around the house a lot.

In fact, I am one of those annoying people that hum and sing around the house all the time!  Am I the only one that does that?  I told my daughter that I think people are happier if they sing all the time.  Do you think I'm right?

Around the house...candlelight, Christmas music and some Christmas clutter that has not been put up yet ....  (Now the radio is playing "The Hallelujah Chorus."  I love it!)

I am pondering... what I want the focus of 2012 to be.

One of my favorite things... no-bake cookies.  I'm about to have one.

A few plans for the rest of the week: organizing at the office.  Everyone is going to be on vacation this week except me.  I'm planning on getting my 2012 files ready to go.

Here are pictures for thought I am sharing... some more Christmas decor pictures ...

You can see the reflection of my bulb tree in the mirror.

Here are 3 bulb trees together.  I like the middle one best

The daybook concept was created by Peggy Hostetler at The Simple Woman's Daybook.  Visit her blog if you'd like to link up.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday's Fave Five for Christmas Week 2011

Hey!  Well, my week was jammed with activities.  I bet yours was, too.  A great way to remember what happened when to share each week the five highlights of your week at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story!

1.  I always love to see one of my cuties dressed up!  Here is our daughter, Elissa, all glammed up to go to a party.

2. Crafty goodness:  Remember last week I mentioned a craft I was excited to try? 

A Christmas tree made out of glass bulbs held together by ... a knitting needle! This did not turn out as easy as it sounds, however.  It turns out that you have to be careful with which glass bulbs you buy.  Nowadays some of their hangers are not equipped with the large loop of wire that they used have.  The newer style hangers are too narrow to go over the knitting needle! Another problem is finding the right sizes.  You want large bulbs graduating to the smallest bulbs.  Naturally, I waited too late in the year to find all the sizes in the colors I wanted.  I did make three trees, but Blogger is too slow today and I only had patience to load one of the pictures. However, next year I intend to have a forest of glass bulb trees!

3.  Family get-togethers:  We had a party over at Jim's brother's house for his side of the family this week.  Lots of good food and visiting.  And we got to see the new baby!

Here's Jim with his new great niece:  Addi!

4.  To make the week even better, the next night we went out to eat with Jim's other brother and his family.  Two nights in a row that I didn't have to cook or have kitchen clean-up duty!  You have to love that!

5.  Today our office is closed for Christmas.  We will be off Monday as well, so definitely time off makes my list of faves.

I hope all my readers have a wonderful Christmas holiday as we celebrate the greatest gift ever given:  JESUS!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #170

Once again, the week has quickly rolled around to Friday.  One of my favorite days!

I love to look back and share 5 highlights of my week. It helps keep the days from passing by in a blur and not remembering anything that happened!

1. I had a long list of things to do this week and I have managed to cross a lot of them off my list.  I love crossing things off.  Sometimes, I put something on my list I've already done just so I can cross it off. I know ... I have issues.

2.  I decided to buy my mom a dress for Christmas.  As I headed into the store, I prayed for guidance.  The very first dress I saw on the rack in her size was it!  I quickly sent a picture text to my sister and she agreed it was the one.  (Isn't modern technology great?)  I'm also proud of myself for mailing it early instead of having to do it priority.

3. This week was my week to present the bible lesson for midweek service at my church.  I decided to talk on the prophecies Christ fulfilled when He came to earth as a baby. What an interesting study!  It's so amazing to see how God worked out every detail.

4.  Pinterest is my newest obsession and I've been collecting ideas for Christmas decor.  As if I really had time to do any of these crafts ... Anyway, I picked up some supplies for a simple craft to do this weekend.  I'm like a kid - so excited.  I will show you a picture of the finished product next week.  In the meantime, I wanted to show you my favorite creamware pitcher dressed up for winter:

I'm going for a natural look - I just love red berries!

5.  Another reason I love Fridays is that it's casual day and I can wear jeans to the office.  I have finally found a pair of  "trouser jeans" like the kind recommended by Stacy and Clinton on "What Not To Wear."  (I don't know if my Canadian friends get that show on their cable.  It's on TLC, The Learning Channel.)  I'm excited!  They look good just as they said they would!

How did your week go?  If you would like to link up and share, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tea Talk, Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis time for tea!  Ruth at Celebrate Friendship shares this weekly meme meant to uplift and encourage hearts.

Today, I'm having caramel hot chocolate in my new holiday cup that was given to me by a church member.  I'm also smelling the sweet smell of a Spice candle by Slatkin.  (The candle was also given to me by that same friend.)

I'm feeling relaxed.

On my mind, bible prophecy because we just studied the prophecies concerning the birth of Jesus.  He came the first time just like God said He would.  I believe He will return the second time just as scripture tells us He will.

A scripture to encourage:

"keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life. Jude 1:21"

Waiting for mercy - quite a thought! In His mercy, He brings us eternal life.  We don't have to earn it! I am so thankful for mercy!

Roast ? Not Again!

When I was a kid, my mom loved to serve pot roast on Sundays after church.  I mean every. Single. Sunday.

I certainly understand why.  Pot roast is simple meal to put together.  You assemble it in the morning before church.  It cooks while you are gone.  Upon arriving home, all you had to do was slice the roast and make gravy. You could eat quickly and then have plenty of time for that other religious experience:  the Sunday afternoon nap.

It is said that familiarity breeds contempt.  Concerning the pot roast and me, truer words were never spoken.

Being a teenager, I would sigh dramatically when the meal was presented.  "Mom!  Roast?  Not Again!"  I admit it, there was a touch of whining in my tone. Okay, there was a lot of whining going on.  However, mom never relented; and therefore, I learned to make barbecue sandwiches out of my pot roast.

When I left home and began cooking on my own, it was a long, long time before I tackled learning to make a pot roast. I mean, it was years, like about 15 years.

Not too long ago, I instituted a menu plan at my household.  28 meals served on a rotating basis.  My theory was, "don't complain, you only have to eat it once a month."  I like to make Sundays special, so I let each one pick their favorite Sunday meal.

Ironically, my pick for Sunday dinner?  You guessed it, pot roast!

After all that griping and whining as a kid, why would I pick pot roast for a Sunday meal? 

Well ...

It's because it leaves more time for my favorite longed-for activity:  Sunday afternoon napping.

I guess I'm my mother's daughter, after all!

I'm linking up at Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop, writing on Prompt 5, "Describe your least favorite meal growing up"

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #169

It was back-to-work week for me, so my days have flown by.  It's a sign of being needed when your desk is piled high with projects that couldn't get done because you weren't there, right? I'll choose to look at it that way!

1.  My week started out with some nostalgia:  My mom is considering buying the house where my grandmother used to live so I went to take a look at it and send her some pictures.  It is so funny to see a place you knew so well look so differently standing empty, painted differently and sporting some cosmetic changes!

2.  Next, we bought (another) new Christmas tree.  We had bought a new one last year, but since then we had remodeled and bought different furniture.  There is barely any room for a tree.  Therefore, we purchased an extra skinny tall artificial tree. (The same one I looked at last year!)

3.  We finished decorating Monday night:

I took these photos at night so the lighting is low!

This is my first year of using ribbon on the tree instead of garland or icicles.  I'm getting radical!

Taking pictures of mirrors can be so difficult.  Can you see my tree's reflection?

I love glass ball ornaments in a vase!

This is also my first year to have white poinsettias.

4.  Quote of the week:  

"Exchange your worries for His peace, and learn to lean on Jehovah-Shalom--"The Lord Who Calms our Fears." - David Jeremiah

5.  Tonight's our Christmas Dinner at church.  We are having an Old-Fashioned Dinner.  My contribution is Southern Light Cornbread and Blackberry Cobbler.  Yum! Yum!

Join in and share your 5 joys of the week.  You can link up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tea Talk, Thursday, December 8, 2011

1. I'm with sugar-free French Vanilla creamer in my Corelle Indian Summer coffee cup.  I have mentioned before that I love this set of Corelle because my dad bought me this as a wedding gift.  I still have it almost 35 years later.

2. I'm feeling.... blessed.
3. On my mind.... ideas for Christmas gifts.
4. A verse to encourage:

"Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are are precious and honored in my sight, and I love you."
Isaiah 43:1, 4 (NIV)

Tea Talk is a meme hosted by Ruth at Celebrate Friendship.  Visit her blog soon to get a heart-lift!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past: What were you writing about last year at this time? Tell us what has changed (if anything) since then.

I chose the above prompt from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop this week, then I obediently went to last year's post for early December.  Despite all that has happened in the past year, I was surprised to see that last year's December 7 post was amazingly like this year's December 6th post!

This was troubling to me.  Am I that boring consistent with my writing? I am a very stable consistent person and my writing reflects those qualities. I can't decide if that is a comforting fact or not...

It's not like there have not been changes in my life!  Children leaving home and the flooding and rebuilding of our home have certainly brought upheaval and change.

Yet certain things will always be rock-solid in my life: 
  • my faith will not waver
  • my belief in the importance of marriage and commitment
  • my belief in motherhood being the highest calling I have
  • the importance of home and making it a haven
  • the calling of every believer to study the Word
  • my love of dishes, home decor, pictures of paths and roads, candles and apparently, white Christmas lights
  • my dislike of laziness
I suppose when you believe things passionately your writing will reflect those same passions.

I commit to myself that in 2012 I will continue to write about these things albeit in new and different ways. I will definitely need inspiration in how to achieve this goal.  First, I'll pray about it.

Next, I'll continue to find inspiration online by surfing and even googling if need be.  It goes without saying that I will avail myself of such stellar resources as Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook, December 6, 2011


Outside my window...a dreary gray day.

I am thinking...about what I can get my mom for Christmas.

I am thankful...that my mom is still alive to receive Christmas gifts.  My dad and both Jim's parents are in heaven.  Our grandmothers have passed.  My mom is our only parent left.

In the kitchen...chicken and rice for dinner tonight

I am wearing...khaki pants and a belted green tunic

I am creating...Christmassy magic at my house

I am Wal-Mart on my lunch hour.  Lucky me!

I am wondering...if my mom will decide to move up here part-time.  She'd actually like to sell her place and downsize to a small place in Florida and a small place here.  A lot depends on what kind of profit she could make on the sale of her home.

I am reading...another Amish book by Cindy Woodsmall, "The Harvest of Grace."

I am mail out my Holiday letter this weekend.  I call it a Holiday letter so that if it is received close to New Year's, it is still not late!

I am looking forward to...visiting my sister at New Year's.

I am hearing... the sound of the heater.

Around the house... piles of Christmas decorations waiting to be arranged.

I am pondering...working in Christmas carols to the December worship line-ups.

One of my favorite things... white Christmas lights

A few plans for the rest of the week: finish decorating the tree and working ahead on my December bible lesson.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing... our daughter, the math teacher, dressed up for "Crazy Hair Day" for Spirit Week at the high school.  I think she is adorable in pink!

And that is what is on my mind this week.  Daybooking is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler.  You can join in by linking up at her blog, The Simple Woman's Daybook

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #168

It has been a wonderful week for me.  I have spent it mainly at home organizing and blogging to my heart's content!  When you're on the road seven days a week, staying home is a treasure!

Oh, wait!  I just realized that I didn't post at last Friday's FFF, so I have my trip to Oklahoma to talk about as well.

1.  Our trip to Oklahoma went very well.  We did not see any deer on the road so that was a major plus. I was too busy shopping, cooking and eating to take any pictures.  Bad blogger, Jerralea!

2.  It was a great moment on Thanksgiving Day seated around my daughter's table as we all took turns sharing what we were thankful for this year, and then we ate the food that she and I had cooked together. If only our Malia could have been there, it would have been perfect. However, it's a fact of life as our children become adults they can't always be at every family holiday gathering.  I accept it, but I don't like it!

3.  This week has been awesome because I have slept in every day.  Instead of my usual 5:45 a.m., I stayed in bed till 9 a.m.  I slept in one day until 10 a.m.! Very unusual for me!

4.  I am all caught up on filing my worship team music copies and on cutting out all my coupons.  Being caught up is such a great feeling!  I had really had a big stack to work on so the relief is great. I also cleaned and organized my desk and my closet, so now I feel ready for anything.

5.  I have started on my Christmas decor.  Here is my wreath on my new burgundy door.  I love it!

I'm off to go buy a new Christmas tree.  Our old one is too big to fit in our living room since the new furniture. Have a great weekend, but first, be sure to link up at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story and share your favorite five highlights from your week!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tea Talk - Thursday, December 1, 2011

1. I'm having... my favorite Irish Breakfast Tea in my Cornerstone Church mug.  This was a little gift given to visitors to the church.  It says, "I've been mugged by Cornerstone Church," and on the other side is their address. (As you can see, I have NOT put up any Christmas decor, yet!)

2. I'm feeling....sad that my week at home is almost over!

3. On my mind.... Christmas and all the things that must be done to celebrate the season.

4. A verse to encourage:
"The Lord is my shepherd;
       I have everything I need."
Psalm 23:1 New Century Version

I love this translation of this scripture.  It's so true; when He is your Shepherd, every need is met.  In this busy time of the year, we can rest assured that everything will be okay! It's also good that in a season of  "gimme, gimme" we realize that, really, we do have all we need.

Tea Talk
is a meme hosted by Ruth at Celebrate Friendship.  Please visit this fine group of bloggers.

Five Things

Today, I'm joining in at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.  I chose the prompt:  Five Things. List 5 things we don't know about you, 5 things you're knowledgeable about, 5 things you know nothing about, and 5 things you believe.

I've written 500 or so posts by now, so there is very little about me that is not known ... except for:

1.  I wheeze when I laugh.  My family gets tickled at the way I laugh.  I wheeze, turn red and occasionally snort when laughing.  A belly laugh is a real work-out for me!

2.  I once had a desire to write a cookbook but gave up when I realized that my family was too picky to eat my practice recipes.

3. I am not photogenic. I am much better looking than any of my pictures! 

4. I am shy when meeting new people, yet it does not bother me to speak in front of a group. I usually have little to say when I don't know someone. Or if I do say something, I'm nervous and it comes off unnatural. Speaking in front of groups is not hard because I have a topic and most of the time have thought out before what I would like to say.

5. I have a fear of heights.I do not like roller coasters because of this fear, and the height of insanity for me would be sky-diving or bungee jumping.

Five things I'm knowledgeable about:

1.  I know what it is like to be infertile.
  Our first child wasn't born until we'd been married 10 years and our last one was born in our 17th year.  Therefore,

2.  I know what it is like to be an older parent. It's exhausting!

3.  I also know what it is like to have a spouse with a mental illness, bipolar disorder
, and what it is like when a doctor looks you in the face and says, "You know, he will never work again."

4.  I'm pretty knowledgeable about the Word of God
.  I've been studying the bible for many years - yet it is paradoxical - the more I study, the more I realize there is so much more to learn!

5.  I'm know about organization - organizing is one of my passions.  The number one rule of organizing?  Get rid of clutter!

I know nothing about:

1.  Mechanical things - that is why I have a husband.  He's in charge of fixing things.

2.  Technology - that is why I have children.  It is their job to come help me or their father when we have screwed up our technology and frustrated ourselves beyond measure.

3.  Higher mathematics - I do not understand half the things my daughter, the math teacher, talks about.  I do take comfort that I can do these life skills:  make change, do fractions, balance a checkbook (I just don't LIKE to do it), read a ruler,
figure out percentages, and I know my times tables!  You'd be surprised how many kids nowadays do not know their times tables.  (I can also read a clock that is not digital - another skill some don't have in today's world.)

4. The best cure for a stomachache
. I have been asked this many times and my top 3 answers are:  1) take a Maalox plus tablet, 2) sip a Seven-Up or Sprite, or 3) put a heating pad on it. Any other suggestions?  Anyone?

5. Rocket science
.  But then, really, who needs to know that kind of stuff other than, well, a rocket scientist?

Five things I believe:

1.  The Gospel
- "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

2. If I ask forgiveness, He will not deny it
:  "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

3.  The greatest gift you can give is love:  "And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love." 1Corinthians 13:13

4. It is a good thing to work.
  I do not necessarily mean you should work outside the home, but I do think that everyday you should do something.  Laziness is a cancer that eats away at your character. Get up and do something - you'll feel better about yourself.

5. We should enjoy our lives.
  Jesus said, "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." John 10:10 Abundant living means appreciating and enjoying your life.  God created you to be special and unique - there is no one else like you!  Be you!  Do the things that make you uniquely you.  And while you're at it, have a belly-laugh everyday!

*graphics are from Google Images